How Homes for Homes works

By working together we can make a big difference. The Homes for Homes solution involves two simple components.

1. Raise New Funding

Home owners voluntarily agree to make a tax deductible donation of 0.1% of the sale price of a participating property at time of sale (i.e. $750 donation on a $750,000 sale). The donation is paid as a settlement disbursement.

A registered property remains ‘in’ Homes for Homes when it is sold, facilitating a 0.1% donation of the sale price at time of sale by subsequent home owners. Importantly, as a voluntary initiative, the home owner can withdraw a registered property (‘opt-out’) from Homes for Homes at any time.

An Ongoing Giving Solution.


For more information refer to ‘How Funds are Raised
Homes for Homes can also apply to the sale and lease of commercial property (office, retail and industrial). Refer ‘Commercial‘ section of website for further details.

2. Invest Funds Raised to Increase Supply

Homes for Homes is a new source of funding for the sector, not a builder.
Funds raised through Homes for Homes will be invested via an open grant process with experienced housing providers to build more social and affordable dwellings. Funds will be invested in a state or territory pro-rata to funds raised in that state or territory. Independent ‘investment’ and state specific ‘housing’ advisory groups will advise to maximise benefits.

For more information refer to ‘How Funds are Invested

By supporting Homes for Homes you are supporting the entire community housing sector … and strengthening communities.