How funds are raised

By working together we can make a big difference. Projections indicate Homes for Homes can raise >$1.8 billion over 30 yrs from residential property. Joining the community that is working together is simple.

If you are buying a property that is already registered with Homes for Homes click here

STEP ONE: Register Your Property with Homes for Homes

To register your property with Homes for Homes simply complete and execute a ‘Homes for Homes Donation Deed’ (Deed). Click here to register.

A registered property remains ‘in’ Homes for Homes when it is sold, facilitating a 0.1% donation by subsequent owners each time the property sells. Importantly as a voluntary initiative, the current owner can withdraw a registered property (‘Opt-out’) from Homes for Homes at any time.

In summary, the Deed records the title details and sets out:

  1. Owner’s consent for Homes for Homes to lodge a ‘permissive’ caveat on title.
    A ‘permissive caveat’ permits other dealings, such as mortgages, and triggers the offer to donate when the property is sold. As caveator, Homes for Homes lodges the ‘permissive’ caveat.
  2. Homes for Homes’ agreement, upon request, to withdraw the permissive caveat and, where required, consent to dealings.
    Simply click here for consent or here to withdraw

STEP TWO: Sale of a Registered Property

By recording Homes for Homes on title via a ‘permissive’ caveat, the offer to donate when the property is sold is triggered at time of sale:

  1. Homes for Homes is disclosed in the Contract of Sale as a Special Condition
    template ‘Special Condition’ wording is available here
  2. The vendor donates (0.1% of sale price) as part of settlement disbursements and advises Homes for Homes of the sale and associated details, following which Homes for Homes issues the vendor a donation receipt.

An ongoing solution.