How funds are invested

Lack of safe and secure housing is one of Australia’s biggest issues. Due to the sheer scale of the issue no individual, family, organisation or government can solve it alone … but, together we can make a big difference.

Addressing this chronic issue has flow-on benefits for all Australians.

By supporting Homes for Homes, you are supporting an urgently needed new long-term sustainable source of funding that will be available to Australia’s social and affordable housing sector.

Homes for Homes is a new source of funding, not a builder. Funds raised will be invested with experienced organisations that specialise in building and managing social and affordable housing.

When sufficient funds have been raised in a state or territory, registered organisations will be invited to submit funding applications for projects in that state or territory.

Proposals will be reviewed against published funding guidelines by specialist ‘investment’ and state / territory specific ‘housing’ advisory groups and the Homes for Homes board, with the objective of maximising benefits from funds invested. Funding invested will be subject to formal contract conditions.

Homes for Homes Funding Goals
Increase supply …
of sustainable social and affordable housing
Fit for purpose …
fund safe, suitable, adaptable and well located housing
Long term outcomes …
require housing outcomes to be retained over the long term