Housing crisis affects us all

Too many Australians cannot access social housing or find affordable housing in the private market … which affects us all in one way or another.


Information source: The National Housing Supply Council.

116,000 Australians are homeless every night and over 1.5 million live in housing stress, spending more than 30% of their household income on paying their mortgage or rent.

Australia has a shortage of 200,000 social and affordable houses. This shortage is due to a severe lack of funding for housing projects that could provide accommodation for people in need. This gap is expected to grow to over 600,000 houses by 2030, making the lack of housing one of Australia’s biggest social issues.

Our chronic housing shortage affects us all in one way or another. If not directly, it may affect a family member, a child, a close friend, or those that provide critical services to our community … services on which we all depend. Beyond the human impact, our housing crisis results in significant increases in social welfare costs.

One of the biggest hurdles in closing our housing gap is a lack of funding to build more social and affordable houses. Homes for Homes is an independent, community-led solution to generate an ongoing supply of new funding for social and affordable houses.

A safe and secure home is fundamentally linked to our well-being. A home provides the opportunity to participate in the social and economic life of our community. Reasons people need to access social housing, include:

Domestic Violence
Poor Conditions
Financial Hardship
Unaffordable Housing
Relationship Breakdown