Homes for Homes provides a new answer
to solving our critical housing shortage.

What will Homes for Homes funds be used for?

Funds will be granted to experienced providers of social and affordable housing to increase supply of social and affordable housing. Expert industry based advisory groups will advise of greatest housing need, identify preferred delivery partners and prepare strategies to maximize benefits for Homes for Homes funding. Homes for Homes funds will be allocated across the states pro-rata to the funds donated in each state, meaning that funds raised from the sale of a Victorian property will be invested in Victoria.

Who will benefit from Homes for Homes?

Homes for Homes will assist a diverse group of disadvantaged Australians who do not have access to safe and secure housing or have problems finding affordable housing in the private market suited to their needs. This may include emergency housing for women and their children, specialised youth housing centres and housing for low income earners.

Who has developed Homes for Homes?

Homes for Homes has been developed by The Big Issue, Australia’s largest and most successful social enterprise. Learn more at www.thebigissue.org.au

What is the Homes for Homes Donation Deed?

The Donation Deed is a simple legal document, which in practical terms sets out:
• Your (‘the home owners’) consent for Homes for Homes to lodge a ‘permissive caveat’ on the title of your property, thereby recording your commitment to make a tax deductible donation.

What is a permissive caveat?

A caveat is a means by which a Certificate of Title at the Land Titles Office can be ‘tagged’ to show that someone has an interest in the property. A ‘permissive caveat’ allows subsequent registrations (dealings) to continue to occur, which include mortgages and subdivisions.

Will the permissive caveat impact on my mortgage application?

Upon receiving your signed Homes for Homes Donation Deed, Homes for Homes will place a permissive caveat on the title of your property (Charge). A ‘permissive caveat’ does not take priority over any other Charge or encumbrance on the property, thereby is designed not to affect any mortgage or other interest in the property.

Is there a cost to place a permissive caveat on my title?

There is no cost to the homeowner to place a permissive caveat on the title.

Are donations to Homes for Homes tax deductible?

Yes. As a not for profit organisation, Homes for Homes Limited (CAN 143 151 544) is endorsed as a deductible gift recipient (DGR) under Subdivision 30-BA of the home Tax Assessment Act 1997 (meaning donations to Homes for Homes are tax deductible)

I am looking to sell my property – what happens next?

If you’re getting ready to sell a property and it is registered with Homes for Homes, simply follow the steps included in the section Selling a Homes for Homes property. On completion of the steps, including donation, Homes for Homes will generate a tax receipt for your donation.

What happens during the settlement process?

At the time of settlement you (or your solicitor) will complete the steps as set out in this section. On completion of the steps, including making your donation, Homes for Homes will generate a tax receipt for your donation.

How do I get a letter of consent from Homes for Homes?

Homes for Homes agrees to grant consent to all dealings. If evidence of this consent is required, simply click here to complete an online form to automatically generate a Letter of consent. For further details email enquiries @ homesforhomes.com or call 1300 767 918

Can I opt-out of Homes for Homes?

Yes. If you purchase a participating property and do not wish to participate, when you are the registered owner of the property you can opt-out at any time. Click here for more information.

How do I make my donation?

As part of the settlement of your property, you have agreed to make a donation to Homes for Homes of 0.1% of the property sale price. Thank you. For details about how to make your donation please go to Donate .

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