A Big Impact Together

Homes for Homes is a long-term generational scheme that will create a critical source of new funding to increase supply of social and affordable housing.

While the full impact will depend on uptake, based on conservative participation levels, it is projected that over 30 years Homes for Homes could raise more than $1.8 billion of new funding, invest funds raised to increase supply of social and affordable housing, create new jobs and have $1.7 billion of flow on economic benefits … strengthening communities.

Not having access to safe, secure and affordable housing significantly impacts on all areas of life and results in high social welfare costs. In fact, a person without adequate housing costs society $30,000 compared to $1,800 for the average Australian. Putting a roof over people’s heads helps vulnerable Australians seek employment and integrate more fully into society.

Homes for Homes is a new source of funding, not a builder. Designed to complement government and other activity, funds raised through Homes for Homes will be invested with experienced housing providers and managers to increase supply of social and affordable dwellings.

By supporting Homes for Homes you are supporting the entire community housing sector.