Banks, Conveyancers and Solicitors

Banks, Conveyancers and Solicitors play an important role in property transactions. Homes for Homes thanks you for your assistance in facilitating a smooth experience for owners or purchasers of properties participating in Homes for Homes.

Homes for Homes is working closely with the banking, legal and property industries, including the Australian Bankers’ Association and our legal and property community partners, who continue to provide support to aid the integration of Homes for Homes into bank lending and property settlement processes.

If you have any further questions, or represent a bank and would like to receive a Homes for Homes Bank Information Pack, please contact Homes for Homes on 1300 767 918 or via

Over several years Homes for Homes has consulted with, briefed and continues to work closely with key stakeholders in the property, banking and legal industries to streamline the operation of Homes for Homes. Developed by Herbert Smith Freehills & Corrs Chambers Westgarth, the Homes for Homes transaction mechanism (use of a ‘permissive’ caveat) is guided by the following guiding principles:

  • Capture donation in settlement / conveyance process
  • Voluntary and removable by property owner at any time at minimal cost
  • Require no legislative change and allow for state variations
  • Allow commitment to transfer with title
  • Not block any financial or other dealing on title (i.e. rank behind other charges/ dealings)

If your client is selling or buying a ‘Homes for Homes’ property, the information below outlines the steps to be followed to ensure a smooth sale and settlement process.

Getting ready to Sell a Homes for Homes Property

To assist with a smooth sale and settlement process please consider the information below and (if required) the ‘Homeowners‘ section of this website

Step 1: Disclose Homes for Homes in the Contract of Sale (as a Special Condition)
The vendor should disclose to prospective buyers that the property is registered to Homes for Homes. This is done by including a Homes for Homes ‘Special Condition’ in the Contract of Sale.
Please click here to download the Homes for Homes Special Condition

Step 2: Register sale with Homes for Homes. (and receive consent if required)
The vendor registers the sale of a ‘Homes for Homes’ property with Homes for Homes. This enables Homes for Homes to:

  1. Update the property’s Homes for Homes registration details;
  2. Issue the Donor (vendor) a DGR Tax Receipt; and
  3. If the vendor, purchaser, a Land Titles Office or mortgagee requires, provide written confirmation of Homes for Homes’ consent to a transfer of land, mortgage or other dealing.

Step 3: Donate 0.1% of sale price to Homes for Homes (and receive a DGR Tax Receipt)
The vendor has agreed to make a donation of 0.1% of the property price to Homes for Homes. This donation is the vendor’s responsibility and is included in settlement disbursements
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